CarpatZoo - Presentation

Timisoara  Zoological Garden
Timisoara Zoo is located in the Green Forest, stretching on 6 hectares. The property of the Zoo belongs to Timisoara’s City Hall.

In 2007 the Zoo was modernized and numerous improvements were made to ensure proper conditions for the wild animals in captivity. In the Zoo were created 16 habitats, in which 144 animals live, belonging to 29 animal species. The visitors could see animals from all continents, such as hussar monkeys, ostriches, guanacos, maras, reindeers, bears, emu birds, red necked wallabies, small hens, raccoons and waterfowls: swans and various species of ducks.

The new zoological garden "The Green Forest" has a new concept: "more space - closer to the animals". Through this concept, the goal of the Zoo is to ensure proper conditions for the wild animals in captivity and offer its visitors a better knowledge about wildlife through ecological education.