New baby animals in Zoo Timisoara

In these cold days of January 2011, the collection of Zoo Timisoara was enriched with a new baby guanaco (Lama guanicoe). She saw daylight in the morning of January 22.  At birth, the baby animal  weighted 6 kg, and body weight is now in progressive increase.
The baby  guanaco is healthy and vigorous, closely accompanied by the mother guanaco and supervised and monitored by the animal caretakers.  Since the first days of life, they gave her  the  name "EMA".
Thus, the group of guanacos - South America’ s native animals - has increased to a total of four, with the prerequisites of a successful breeding program.
The  guanacos group can be seen by animal lovers every day from Tuesday to Sunday between, 10.00 and 16.30 o' clock.
More information  about Guanaco, can be accessed on  website at the address