Klauzál Square

In the middle of the medditerranian-inspiredKlauzál-tér stands the statue of Kossuth Lajos. A lot of coffees and cake shops are there radiating cheerful festival atmosphere from early spring to late autumn. We could arrive in that square through Kárász street which is the thoroughfare of Szeged.

Dom Square

The Dóm tér is the venue of the internationally known Szeged Open Air Festival. The monumental Votive Kathedral is surronded by buildings in northern european style, included under the arcades the statues and low-reliefs of Hungarian eminencies.

Demetrius Tower

On the Dóm tér stands the oldest historical monument of Szeged city: the Demetrius Tower.Its foundation is from the 11th century, its lower, square-like part is from 12th century and its upper, gothic levelas are from the 13th century.

Musical Clock
One of the specialities of the Dóm square is the musical clock built in the wall of the square’s building opposite to the main entrance of the Cathedral. The musical clock symbolised a mediaeval universities scene with professors and students.

Szent István square and the water tower
The water tower made of reinforced concrete was constructed in 1904. The square and the tower were entirely rebuilt in 2006, thus becoming one of the most beautiful squares in Szeged. From the top of the tower one can admire the entire city and Tisza River.

Anna Bath
It was designed in eclectic style with features characteristic of Turkish bath in 1896. Reconstruction was finished in 2004. Its thermal and medicinal water and wellness bath is popular among the senior and younger generation also.

Reök Palace
This typical spanish Gaudi type building is among the most attractive ones of this style in Europe. Was built in 1907 in Hungarian Jugendstil style. On the facade of the building and in its staircase uniquely stylised flowers catch the viewers’ eyes.

Ferenc Móra Museum

Named after the writer Móra Ferenc, the imposant building of museum is situated in the city center, near Tisza river bank. In the museum are hosted archeological, etnographical, natural scienties and various other exhibitions.

Tisza River

The Tisza River and the city of Szeged are inseparable. The great flood in 1879 caused the total distruction of Szeged, after this was built the modern city.

Museum of Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika
This museum houses the exibition on the history and production of the world famous Szeged Paprika and Pick Salami. Visitors are offerd salami tasting and discount for buying products.