Carpatzoo project

The „We live in the common Carpathian basin – visitors friendly development of Szeged and Timişoara’s Zoological Gardens – Carpatzooproject is financed by the European Union European Regional Development Fund, through Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 and was a result of a collaboration between Timişoara and Szeged Municipalities.
Project lieder: Szeged Municipality,  Csongrád County, Hungary
Project code: HURO/0801/018

Project partner: Timişoara Municipality
The total budget of this project is 275.938 Euro. For Timişoara Municipality as a project partner, the budget is 92.168 Euro,
which 90.324,64 Euro grant (ERDF 85 %+state co-financed 13%) and 1.843,36 Euro (2%) own contribution.
The CARPATZOO Project runs from October 2009 until September 2010.
The  project will strengthen the collaboration between the two twin cities – Timişoara and Szeged and will popularize the natural 
and cultural heritage of the region. 

The goals of this project are to create new habitats for animal species, to organize ecological activities and workshops for the ZOO’s 
visitors. Thus, the visitors will have the opportunity to learn about animals in a natural space in the Green Forest’s of Timişoara. 
Through this project the following activities will be implemented on the Romanian side:
  • The improvement of two water glossiness  for waterfowls and other aquatic animals;
  • To place   two modern infopoints with touchscreen monitors (one indoor and one outdoor) in the ZOO
  • To create a web camera system in Zoo;
  • To prepare the project’s website:;
  • To elaborate informational publicationsbrochures and  leaflets
  • To organize an educational trip to Szeged Zoo for 90 children and 10 teachers;
  • To hire a person holding a biology-zoology degree. The biologist tasks are mainly to offer consultancy in biology - zoology activities related to the project. Basically, the support of the biology expert is to prepare and offer consultancy for Timisoara Zoo Garden in order to set up a database for the project brochures, leaflets, infopoints touch-screen systems, website and to make presentation materials about Carpathian wildlife, protected animals for educational purposes.